Born October 31 , 1920 to January 23 , 2004 in Berlin, Germany Born into a wealthy Jewish family, he developed an interest in cameras from an early age and became a leading post-war fashion photographer mainly in the United States and Europe. person who worked in His works are very provocative, erotic, sadistic, masochistic, fetishistic, yet somehow stylish. Continuing to focus on the beauty and strength of women, Helmut Newton established his distinctive style. It was the flagship photo of popular fashion magazines such as VOGUE , Queen, Harper's BAZAAR, ELLE, and PLAYBOY.

1938 - Leaves Berlin for Singapore due to the persecution of Jews by the Nazis.

1940- Transferred to Australia during World War II for military service.

1948- Meet and marry actress June Brown (photographer Alice Spring) in Australia. Around this time, he became a freelance photographer and was featured in magazines such as PLAYBOY.

1956 - Contracted with British Vogue magazine and moved to London.

1961 - Moved to Paris and expanded the scope of his activities to French publications such as VOGUE.

1970 - Helmut dies of a heart attack, temporarily suspending his creative activities, but with the support of his wife, June, who has supported him for many years, he resumes his creative activities and vigorously expands his field of activity.

1980- Helmut Newton 's peculiar urban erotic style is fully established and receives much praise from all over the world. “Naked and Dressed” continues.

1984 - Meets TV producer Norman Solomon and launches a portfolio "Private Property Collection" that collects his best works to date .

1992- Released the “Domestic Nudes” series.

2003- Donated a large collection of photographs to the Berlin Prussian Cultural Foundation in his beloved hometown .

He spent his later years in Monte Carlo and Los Angeles.

2004- Helmut Newton passes away at the age of 83 On January 23 , when he left the Chateau Marmont Hotel in Los Angeles, his car lost control and crashed into the wall of Sunset Boulevard .

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