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1984 -World Access Television dba YOU- TV producer Norman Solomon (International Images LLC) was based in Paris and traveled frequently between Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and London. There, he met John Danicliffe, an Englishman who was an agent for top photographers such as David Hamilton and Helmut Newton, and was introduced to Helmut Newton . After that, while deepening his relationship with Helmut, he planned a portfolio collection of the best masterpieces from Helmut's work , " Private Property Collection", and received a request from Helmut for production use.

1985 - International Images LLC acquires the film ownership of the Private Property Collection of 45 masterpieces from Helmut's archives at Sotheby's , the world's oldest auction brand, through an original contract with Helmut. The Private Property Collection is a set of 45 original prints ( 16x20/20x24), limited to 75 sets, and will be exhibited at ABCGallery (Paris), Hamilton Gallery ( London), Staley-Wise Gallery (New York), and G.RayHawkins Gallery ( Los Angeles). It was sold as a limited edition.


Helmut passed away in 2013-2004 and International Images LLC entered into a formal settlement agreement with the Helmut Newton Foundation . With this settlement, International Images LLC has been officially recognized by the Foundation as the sole distributor of Helmut's films and handwritten contact sheets from 1978 to 1984.

That year, the Helmut Newton “Private Property Collection” exhibition owned by International Images LLC was held at The Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles, and part of the collection was exhibited and sold.

These works are some of the only Helmut Newton works currently available to collectors worldwide.


2021-Under the management of International Images LLC, started the operation of International Images Galley mainly online. From among the 45 private property collections that were concluded in an original contract with Helmut himself in 1985, we plan to release a limited number of collections each year, centering on original prints with high rarity value and modern prints left by Helmut himself during his lifetime.


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Even though he was oppressed by discrimination and persecution due to wars and conflicts from an early age, he believed in the future and himself, and had a strong heart that continued to express himself with free ideas. And the “love” of his wife, Jane Brown, who has always stood by him and supported him at all times. ?

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International Images Galley is looking for activity groups related to arts and creativity to protect the free and rich ideas of future children and the free and rich minds that support each other and live. We will inform you again as soon as the activity group of the fund is decided.
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