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-1984 _

Producer Norman Solomon
International Images LLC

He meets Helmut Newton and concludes a formal contract.

Portfolio of the best work ever

Started production of "Private Property Collection".


The world's oldest auction brand Sotheby's
From the archived collection
Of the 45 works he selected Exclusive distribution rights for the Private Property Collection
Acquired by original contract with Helmut.

Private Property Collection is
45 original prints ( 16x20/20x24)
Limited to 75 sets,
Sold in Paris, London, New York and Los Angeles.
However, the results were far below expectations.

Many works have been left behind.

-2013 _

International Images LLC
With the Helmut Newton Foundation

A formal settlement agreement was signed.

This settlement
International Images LLC
With autograph left by Helmut while alive
original prints and
From the work of 1978-1984 he is the best work
Of the 45 works that I was proud of
Exclusive sales rights for Polaroid contact prints

It is officially recognized by the Foundation.

in Los Angeles that year
At The Annenberg Space for Photography
Helmut Newton exhibition is held and some collections

exhibited and sold.


Groups under the control of International Images LLC
of International Images.Galley
Started operation.